Anarchy Reigns' Garuda: Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Husband

A character seemingly inspired by Transformers has just been added to the Anarchy Reigns roster.

Anarchy Reigns, the upcoming online brawler from Platinum Games, has yet another character in its roster. Garuda seems inspired by the Transformers series, given his apparent ability to switch from flying vehicle to walking robot. The big, blue machine's signature weapon is the tornado drill, which you can see put to good use in Garuda's debut video.

Garuda is apparently a machine with the memories of a mercenary who died in battle two years ago, and clocks in at 2.6 meters tall and 1210 kg in weight. Intimidating to say the least. Anarchy Reigns is set to release in January of 2012, and will undoubtedly be rated M for Mature.

Garuda is one of the stars of the upcoming online brawler, Anarchy Reigns.

Garuda's tornado drill is truly a force to be reckoned with.