Big Games of 2011: Square Enix Will Hold Art Exhibition to Bring the Art of Deus Ex: Human Revolution to Life

Exhibit will run 2 weeks in New York City
Many people draw inspiration to draw from various things in life, whether that be a beautiful view of nature or key moments in their lives. A select few artists are, in fact, doing the same but it's video games they look to for inspiration on their latest works. Square Enix will be holding an art exhibition in New York where several well-known artists will create their own works based on Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
The exhibition will take place for 2 weeks at the Wooster Street Social Club in New York, starting July 11. Several artists from around the world have been commissioned to create brand new pieces of art inspired by the world of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, where humanity is making a pivotal turn as the technology for cybernetic augmentation advances.
Some of the artists to be featured during the exhibition will include Estevan Oriol, Eyeone, N8 Van Dyke, and Sam Flores. 
"Creating the right visual look and feel for Deus Ex: Human Revolution was of critical importance to help set the tone of the incredibly rich storyline and enhance the game's universe," said Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, Art Director of the game. "It's excited to bring more focus to video game-inspired art and it will be really interesting to see how the theme of transhumanism in Deus Ex: Human Revolution is interpreted by the unique group of artists participating in this project."
What's great about this event is that it gives the chance for a video game such as Deus Ex: Human Revolution to be more than just a video game. Rather, it serves as a theme from which artists from around the world could use it as a template for future works. Perhaps that could help people to then take those same themes and discuss them at some length, such as how technology has been advancing and how it affects our daily lives.
Plus, Square Enix won't be the only ones to benefit from this exhibition with the publicity. All proceeds from the exhibition will be used to support the study of the arts.

With L.A. Noire being featured at the Tribeca Film Festival, it surely seems like the mainstream is seeing video games as art. If this event becomes a pretty big success, I wouldn't be surprised if more events like this come up and help give video games a bigger argument as to why they should be considered art. Of course, no matter whether or not the mainstream thinks video games are art, I still believe they are regardless. But, it would be awesome if more people can agree with that notion.