Big Games of 2012 Interview: Talking Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy With Square Enix

We chat with product manager Ryan Masuno about the upcoming music/rhythm RPG hybrid.

You’ve played one Final Fantasy game, you’ve played them all, right?  Hardly.  This July, Square Enix will be providing a different twist on the genre with a game that relies just as much on music and rhythm cues as it does adventure.  Theatrhythm Final Fantasy is an upcoming 3DS game where you’ll have to tap and drag along to pre-set music themes while traveling, building energy for fights and eventually facing large enemies.  And it’ll stem from memorable themes taken from Final Fantasy themes over the years.  It’s as good as it gets for nostalgic fans.

In the game, you guide a group of four adventurers across many stages, using the themes from the Final Fantasy games as your guide.  The better you perform on each stage, the better your stats get over the course of the game.  Like any good role-playing game, you’re able to level up your characters.

We had a chance to try out Theatrhythm, and it definitely feels as if it’s coming together the right way.  There are times when the gameplay can be challenging, especially in the second part of the stage where the rhythm bar moves around the screen’s area, rather than scrolling from side-to-side as in other stages.  But once you get used to its set-up, it becomes remarkably addicting and will have you eager to try the assortment of other Final Fantasy songs.

We managed to sit down with product manager Ryan Masuno to get more details about the game and see more of it in action.  You can check out the video interview below and get ready to venture into this new territory in July!