Big Games of 2012: Sega and Arkedo Team Up For Hell Yeah! (PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade)

Arkedo's Camille Guermonprez about the upcoming platformer.

It's funny how the "little guy" can suddenly be propelled forward by the right project.  For the longest time, the team at Arkedo has been producing memorable platforming adventures for the Xbox Live indie games channel, including such titles as Jump! among others.  Featuring 8-bit style graphics, these guys have definitely felt an influence in classic gaming.  But now they've moved into the big time, as Sega is teaming up with them to produce the upcoming side scrolling action game Hell Yeah!, due for release this summer.

In the game, you play as a rabbit-ized King of Hell who finds himself wronged with a recent tabloid report, and sets out to make things right by killing, well, everyone.  Along with great side-scrolling action, the game also mixes in some quick bonus games that let you stylishly kill someone off, whether it's squeezing a zit or firing a kabillion missiles in their face.

Like previous Arkedo games, Hell Yeah! uses a strong animated art style to bring its world to life, while including plenty of great gameplay tricks and fun, enemy-killing moments.  It definitely lives up to its "Hell Yeah!" name thus far.

Arkedo's Camille Guermonprez recently caught up with us for an interview to talk about the game, including the mini bonus events...and his glasses.  No, really, these things are awesome.  Check out the clip below.