Big Games of 2012: Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing Gets Transformed

Sega announces the sequel to its hit kart racing game, and adds plenty of new content.

Kart racers are usually a dime a dozen, especially back in the old days, when it seemed like every gaming company wanted to make its own version to capitalize on the popularity of the Mario Kart games.  But Sega did it quite effectively several months back with Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing, a smorgasbord of racing goodness stemming multiple characters and tracks inspired by various Sega classics, including the House of the Dead, Samba de Amigo and more.  The formula worked extremely well for both the company and players, so it should be no surprise that the long-rumored sequel was finally announced today.

The game, called Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed (no mention of Sega because, well, it’s made by Sega), will take the kart racing fun that made the first game click so well and combine it with a few new ideas, as well as several new characters to join the original ones.

Transformed’s biggest addition would probably have to be the introduction of several vehicles.  Rather than just race a car around everywhere, you’ll see your vehicle transform over the course of each race, depending on what terrain you’re riding around on.  So, for instance, if the ground vanishes (or at least gets a little distant), your car transforms into a flying vehicle, enabling your driver to do flips and turbo boosts to jet ahead of the competition. It can also transform into a boat, so you can coast on the water instead of simply sinking beneath it.

The game will feature a mix of both Grand Prix racing and Battle Arena combat, so you can either take on someone through a traditional contest or in an enclosed arena to show them who’s boss.  An “enhanced multiplayer mode” will also be introduced, probably around E3, and will be supported online through Xbox Live, the PlayStation Network, and possibly even the Nintendo Network over on the 3DS.