Big Games of 2013: Gears of War Judgment Introduces a New Multiplayer Mode (Xbox 360)

We go hands-on with the new Overrun mode.

Gears of War Judgment is still a far ways off from release, and while Microsoft didn’t exactly reveal some breaking news about the game this past week at E3 (it was probably more concerned about hyping the forthcoming Halo 4), it did have a private booth on the show floor that let players try out a new multiplayer mode being offered in the People Can Fly-produced prequel.  Say hello to Overrun mode.

In a nutshell, Overrun is a timed challenge mode where your team tries to bring down a generator in the quickest amount of minutes possible.  In the first round of the game, one group of players control the humans, while the other players control the Locust Horde.  As the humans, you try to defend the generator as long as humanly possible, while as the Horde, you try to destroy it with as much maliciousness as you can.  Once the round ends with the destruction of the generator, the players switch side, with the aggressors becoming the defenders and vice versa.

Though it’s only one mode out of the whole game – and only one map was available to play, taking place in the middle of a town square – Overrun has lots of promise.  The Locust Horde side takes a little bit of warming up to, since you only start out with the basic soldiers (in this case, the explosive Ticker) before moving up in the ranks and unlocking the “big boys”, such as the Mauler, who can rip through enemies with a spinning shield.  But there are still powerful ranks to unlock, and veteran GOW players will have no problem doing so over the course of the game.

Likewise, the humans have their personal touches too.  As their team, you choose from one of four classes, each embodied to a certain character.  With Baird, you have the engineer, capable of repairing turrets and other defenses around the perimeter with his blowtorch.  As Sofia, the medic, you can heal others while still dishing out damage with assault weapons.  As Paduk, the scout, you can climb up to a tower and shoot enemies from afar, as you can see them coming around the bend.  And then, of course, there’s Cole Train, the soldier, who can throw ammo boxes to his teammates while still doing all sorts of crazy damage to the Horde.  As only Cole Train can.