Comic-Con 2011: Nerd HQ and Sega Arcade- Perfect Comic-Con Alternatives

With Comic-Con fast approaching (it practically starts in like three days), there's a lot of stuff happening in San Diego, including panels, game-related events (we're making a stop at the Sega Arcade for sure) and other special stuff, and we'll be attending as much as we can while trying to recover the morning after.  But if for some reason you can't get into the big show, relax -- there's something else happening that could easily soothe your nerdy appetite -- and that something is Nerd HQ 2011.

In a nutshell, Nerd HQ is sort of like its own mini Comic-Con, taking place at the Jolt'n Joe's through the entire weekend at 379 4th Avenue.  It's co-sponsored by Gunnaroptiks and, as well as Microsoft (Xbox), and features the full support of various superstars, including Chuck's Zachary Levi and Epic Games' own Cliff Bleszinski, among others.  The place will feature a variety of Gunnar-sponsored events and gaming kiosks, as well as specialized panels featuring a number of stars, including Felicia Day (who will introduce her Dragon Age mini-series), part of the cast of Firefly (that panel has already sold out -- surprise!), and Psych, as well as individuals such as Scott Bakula, Zachary Quinto and Seth Green of Robot Chicken fame.

Tickets are still available for a majority of the events, going for about $20 a pop.  And proceeds from these ticket sales go to benefit Operation Smile, so obviously they're going for a good cause as you get your geeky money's worth.  And a lot of these events also come with autograph signings, so you can meet and greet with certain folks while also checking out what they're up to.  There's also a late night Tweet up taking place, in case you feel like nerding out with other folks and aren't too exhausted from the proceedings at the "real" show, if you will.

Considering that Comic-Con has been sold out for months (we were just lucky enough to get a pass), this might be the next best thing to do outside of that show.  A lot of major stars will be involved, and the comfortable surroundings at Jolt'N Joe's may be just the place to kick back and escape the massive nerddom at the San Diego Convention Center.  So be sure to stop by and have some fun, even if you already have a Comic-Con badge.  You might be surprised as to what you find.

Also, while we're talking event happenings, be sure to check out the Sega Arcade, opening at 345 6th Avenue.  From Wednesday through Sunday evening, folks can stop in and check out a number of upcoming games, including House of the Dead: Extended Cut, the recently released Captain America: Super Soldier, Sonic Generations, Shinobi 3DS and Guardian Heroes, among others.  It too provides a great place to have some fun without having to worry about nerd flu or overcrowding.  Check out Sega's Facebook page for more details.

Have fun!