E3 2011: EA Shows Off Mass Effect 3 and Competes With Call of Duty: Elite at Press Conference

EA shows off big games and offers free subscription services for all games
If you're a fan of RPGs, you're most likely looking forward to Mass Effect 3. If you love military shooters, you're looking forward to Battlefield 3. EA held its press conference earlier this afternoon, showing off some of the biggest games due to come out both this year and next, including the aforementioned titles. Besides the blockbuster games, EA also is pushing online stat tracking services a lot of the upcoming titles. And by the way, they're all free.
EA has a lot on their plate as they showed off some really big games, mostly for next year. Though it was already shown off earlier in the day, EA had their turn to show off Mass Effect 3, except this time it was a full demo. The brief demo showed off the classic gunfighting from the second installment from the franchise, as well as an on-rails segment pitting Shephard against a Reaper chasing him around.
Next up on the list was a demo of Need For Speed: The Run. The game will center around a race from San Francisco all the way to New York. However, the race won't be so easy as police officers and even members of the local mobs will be trying to run you off the road. Speaking of off the road, there will be key moments where your racer will continue the race on foot. This portion of the game will feature a series of quick time events to propel the game forward until your racer takes control of another car.
EA also demonstrated some new gameplay from Battlefield 3, focusing on tank warfare. The demo featured a fleet of tanks heading towards an objective in the Middle East, finding some trouble along the way as an opposing fleet of tanks engage in battle. There is also a portion of the mission where a UAV is used to mark targets for an airstrike. One thing to note is that this demo was also on the PC version. To date, no console gameplay has been shown.
Along with the demos, several game announcements have been made, one of them being a new title from Insomniac Games called Overstrike. The game revolves around a band of four commandos that love to do everything over-the-top using some of the newest technology. Unfortunately, their bravado is frowned upon by their agency, yet in the game they are the last resort from the latest threat. Unlike previous titles, Overstrike will be available on all platforms.
SSX will also make its return after being on hiatus for 4 years after the release of SSX Blur. Plenty of fan favorite characters are set to return such as Mac and Kaori. All tracks will feature 3 ways to play them - races, trick courses, and a survival mode where an avalance chases you down the track.