E3 2011 Reactions: Vita Is a Great Piece of Hardware But May Lose to the iPhone

Vita may be powerful but the iPhone still reigns king in handheld gaming
With Microsoft kicking off E3 in disappointing fashion, it was up to Sony to try to get things back on a happier track with a press conference that would feature better games and other content. Sony had a lot on its plate at E3. They suffered a network outage that lasted over a month due to it being hacked, leaving many PS3 owners upset. Plus, they had a new piece of hardware to show off. Things started to go their way as the Playstation Network was back in full force before E3. Did Sony capitalize on its momentum and blow us away with a great press conference?
First and foremost, Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, came out to apologize to everyone for the network outage. I thought he handled it in a very classy manner, taking the issue very seriously and not trying to make a big joke out of it.
After that, it was onto the games, starting with Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception and Resistance 3. Both of them were played during the press conference, and Uncharted 3 looked amazing.
The Playstation Move also made a brief appearance during the press conference in two titles. The first was NBA 2K12 where now the Move will be used almost like a mouse to point at different team members and switch between them or have them set up picks. A brand new game for the move was shown off, Medieval Moves. The game is an action game where you have to fight off waves of enemies with swords, shurikens, and other weapons while finding your way through castles and other areas. 
A few other games were present as trailers, including Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, StarHawk, and a new Star Trek on the way to be released alongside the new movie.
One of the things that separates the PS3 from the rest of the consoles is the ability to play games in 3D. The technology is fairly new at home and can be quite pricey. However, Sony looks to alleviate this problem by introducing a 24" 3D TV on sale this fall for $499, which will also include a set of 3D glasses and a copy of Resistance 3.
It is pretty small for a gaming TV, but I imagine that this is just a push to get more 3D TVs out there so more gamers get sucked into 3D gaming from seeing someone else play it and want to invest in that or a larger TV. One thing that is neat is that the TV will show two separate images for two different players. That has been done before and wasn't the greatest experience, but perhaps Sony can improve upon that.