E3 2011: Sony Makes Big Push For 3D Gaming and Details the PS Vita at Press Conference

3D TVs due out in the fall with the Vita to follow in the winter
For about the last month and a half, Sony has been all over the news and in many blogs posts due to the PSN outage. It was a troubling time for the company, but they managed to overcome the obstacle in the end and get things back to the way that they should be. Now, Sony will be featured in the news with the announcement of the PS Vita at their E3 press conference. Along with the new hardware, Sony also detailed plans for a new 3D TV lineup set to come out this fall.
Before any announcements of any games or hardware were made, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America Jack Tretton took the time to talk about the outage of the Playstation Network. He wanted to apologize to all of the developers and PS3 owners for all of the troubles on behalf of the company. With that apology also came the announcement that the Playstation Network will be getting free access to CinemaNow, bolstering their movie and TV content.
After that, it was right onto the games as Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception was the first on the list. The demo featured Drake on a boat in search of something or someone. When it leads to a dead end, Drake fights his way out of the ship as water fills the ship due to an explosion. A few announcements were also made for the game. There will be an open multiplayer beta, starting on June 28, and there is a deal with Subway where you can gain access to the full multiplayer suite in late October.
The next big game to be shown off was Resistance 3, the third installment of the highly popular series by Insomniac Games. The demo featured a gunfight that showed off a few new weapons to fight off the Chimera with and ended with you having to run away from a massive alien as you carry a power core. After the demo, a Sharpshooter bundle for the game was announced. It will feature a full Playstation Move set with the Playstation Eye, navigation controller, motion controller, Sharpshooter attachment, and a copy of Resistance 3 for the price of $150.
Speaking of the Move, a small portion of the press conference showed off new games to use it, including NBA 2K12. Lakers all-star Kobe Bryant came out to demonstrate the new functionality, where you can highlight players to pass to, defend, and take shots all with the Move. A new game called Medieval Moves puts you in control of a knight with a varied arsenal of weapons, fighting past waves of enemies and solving puzzles.
Sony also had a few other game announcements. Sly Cooper will be returning next year in Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time. A new Star Trek game is set to come out alongside the new film that will be released next year. The PS3 version of Bioshock: Infinite will come packed with the first Bioshock game on the same disc and the PS3 version of Battlefield 3 will contain Battlefield 1943 as well.