E3 2011: Top 5 Booths at E3 2011

Which games cracked the top 5?

Were you dying to see your favorite games booth at E3 2011? This list of Top 5 games is sure to tell you all you need to know about which booths stood out among the rest in the crowed showroom. These five displays are sure to take your breath away! Did your favorites crack the top 5?


5. EA

5. EA was the first thing you saw when entering the South Hall at E3 2011, and it stuck in my mind throughout the whole show. EA had many games to show and they spread them out perfectly so that people didn’t get in the way of by passers just watching the games at the booth. There was a large screen showing the games they had displayed including Battlefield 3, SSX Deadly Descents, and The Sims 3 Pets. I enjoyed just standing in the center of this booth and watching the game trailer; even just that left me satisfied. EA was big and beautiful. This booth left my blood running faster. I thought about this impressive display even while looking at other booths.




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