E3 2011: Two Sonics Race Through the Green Hill Zone in New Sonic Generations Screenshots

Have you ever seen Sonic's first level look this good?
Sonic Generations screenshot
While chubby Sonic runs through loops, modern Sonic simply flies right past them!
With modern Sonic joining up with his former self, players have the option of running through each level in one of two ways. If they choose classic, or chubby, Sonic, they will run through each level in the classic style of Sonic games from the Sega Genesis. If they choose modern Sonic, then the levels will be fashioned more  like the contemporary style such as in Sonic Unleashed.
The Green Hill Zone has never looked any better than this in Sonic's career. It leaves one to wonder just how good some of Sonic's other levels will look like. Everyone will get the chance to find that out as the game is set to be released this upcoming holiday season.