E3 2012: First Dead Space 3 Screenshots Leak Online

It looks like co-op is definitely playing a part in the threequel.

For the longest time, Dead Space 3 has been heavily rumored, following the awesomeness that was Dead Space 2 last year.  And why not?  Fighting vicious aliens while scrambling to stay alive through tense situations...it just makes for a good time in video games.  Well, before EA could possibly announce the game at its press conference for E3, it looks like a site called All Games Beta has stumbled upon some key screenshots from the project, as well as a logo and teaser image that confirms, yup, Isaac Clarke is in for another bad day.  (But hey, at least he's not alone, right?)

Though the story behind Dead Space 3 is being kept (tightly) under wraps until said press conference on Monday, it looks like Isaac once again returns to the depths of space to battle a bunch of nasty Xenomorphs.  However, this time, he has a cohort in tow, with equally fancy armor and an effective trigger finger to back it up. You didn't think it just glowed red out of spite, did you?

This possibly means that the game will include some co-op factor this time around, where a friend can join in to lay waste to nasty creatures.  But, again, until we get official word, we can only speculate.

Still, that shouldn't stop you from taking a look at some of the first screenshots for the game.  They're quite the lookers...even with dead guys.

Dead Space 3 should be officially unveiled next week, with a release period to follow.  We're guessing it'll show up on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3...and possibly even Wii U.