E3 2012: Skylanders Giants Stomps Its Way Into Your Heart (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii)

Toys For Bob’s sequel brings more great Skylanders characters, new stages, and, of course, big mothers.

When Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure released last year, Activision and the development team at Toys For Bob were taking a pretty big gamble, producing toys that interacted with the video game at hand, presenting a unique new experience for gamers everywhere.  But, boy, did it pay off.  Making over $30 million in revenue between game and toy sales, it proved to be a reputable new franchise for the company.  So, of course, it’s understood that they’re taking advantage by releasing a much-improved sequel in time for the holiday season.  You ready to take on some Giants?

In Skylanders Giants, you’re once again guiding your fellow Skylanders, including Spyro and other characters, on an all new adventure, featuring old and new favorites that join you over the course of each stage.  The good news is that the new game will work perfectly fine with the tech provided with the original Skylanders game, including all the action figures and the portals.  (New editions will come with them as well, in case you missed out.)


But some interesting new tech is being introduced with the sequel, in the form of new Giant characters.  These guys are a bit slower than most of the Skylanders out there, but they’re also more powerful, a useful ability when it comes to bashing down walls (rather than hurling bombs at them) or taking on bigger enemies, like turret walkers that spew smaller enemies.


At a recent hands-on event for the game, we managed to check out a couple of these creatures.  The first, Bouncer, is a free-wheeling robot that actually moves around with ease, while also occasionally bouncing to destroy nearby enemies.  One that’s a little closer to our hearts is Tree Rex, a huge hulking beast that can run through enemies like nobody’s business.


What’s cool about these Giants characters is that their figurines are not only deluxe sized over previous Skylanders, but they also light up.  Toys For Bob isn’t saying what makes these things brighten a room without the need for batteries, but whatever it is, it’s quite the neat effect.