First Look: Infinity Blade Dungeons (iPad/iOS)

The new iPad’s definitely a gaming machine.

Last week’s announcement of a new iPad didn’t really surprise anyone, did it?  We knew that that Apple would announce a device that would FINALLY take advantage of a retina display.  We knew that it would have high definition possibilities.  And we called the new camera too, natch.  But what we didn’t know was that Chair Entertainment, the company behind the Infinity Blade games, had a killer app waiting in the wings.  Guess it’s nice to have one surprise waiting for us.

Infinity Blade Dungeons is the latest addition to the series, but rather than taking the usual route as the previous games, with well-timed slash swings and dodging maneuvers, it goes for a completely different take on the saga.  This time around, it’s a prequel, and you play an apprentice to the Master of the Forge, seeking to bring down the Deathless with the one weapon that can easily get the job done – and, yep, it’s the Infinity Blade.

Where Dungeons goes for something completely unique is with its approach.  Yes, you’re still hacking and slashing enemies to no end, and yes, you can still level up your warrior accordingly, so that you’re willing and able to take on larger, more powerful enemies.

But where the game changes otherwise is with, well, everything.  Infinity Blade Dungeons is a top-down hack and slash adventure game, one where you go through dungeon after dungeon, defeating enemies on your quest for the blade.  The style is very similar to what Microsoft did for its Torchlight games, as well as hints of Blizzard’s Diablo series.  But you’ll be able to combine attacks this time around, with plenty of hack and slash combos combined with more powerful techniques, like charging attacks that leave enemies crumpled in your wake.

Infinity Blade Dungeons gives you the opportunity to level up in game, as well as being able to buy items through the app to provide your warrior with an edge.  We’re not sure how the customization angle will work out from there, but it’s likely we’ll see more armor types and weapons somehow make it into the game.