The Five Best Sonic the Hedgehog Games

From the Genesis classics to the modern-day favorites, Robert counts down his favorite Sonic titles.

Sonic the Hedgehog has been around for years now, entertaining us with his platforming adventures on the Genesis before moving on to other platforms and, eventually, multi-system success on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  But the ride hasn’t always been the greatest with him, thanks to lackluster efforts since Sonic Unleashed (seriously…a Werehog) and the iffy next-gen debut of Sonic the Hedgehog, where he fell for a…human girl.  Ick.  Anyway, that said, he did have some great games over the years…so why not count down the best?


With that, I’ve racked my brain something fierce to come up with the top five Sonic the Hedgehog game experience.  I had to do some rough deductions that left a few fan favorites off the list (Sonic Spinball just didn’t win me over, sorry), and others didn’t quite qualify as a Sonic title due to their multiplayer nature (though I DID want to count Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing for a time there).  These had to be PURE Sonic the Hedgehog experiences.  So, with that, I’ve picked the best.  Let the “blast processing” begin!



5. Sonic Generations (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)


Out of all the current-gen Sonic releases out there, Generations easily qualifies as one of our favorites.  Featuring a hybrid of awesome 2D stages and surprisingly good 3D stages (save for a few iffy examples, mainly on the 3DS – we’ll leave that version out of this list), the game also retained the “classic” Sonic vibe that we remembered from the old days.  Tell me you don’t get all teary eyed the first time you run through the Green Hill Zone.  Small issues aside with the difficulty, Sonic Generations delivered the best of both worlds from his universe – 2D levels for the fans, and 3D levels for the newbies.  The 3D TV support definitely didn’t hurt either...