Five Reasons We’re Excited For the Microsoft Surface

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Now that we officially know about Microsoft’s Windows-friendly tablet, we explain why it’ll be a must-have later this year.

Sometimes a project is so big that it just can’t be kept secret.  Call of Duty: Black Ops II leaked out weeks before its official TV ad hit the airwaves; Assassins Creed III was rumored long before its official unveiling; and so on.  The same could be said for Microsoft’s mystery press event, which happened earlier today, as several people thought that it would be all about a tablet.  And indeed it was, as Steve Ballmer and company officially unveiled the Surface.  However, despite the lack of surprise in announcement, there was still plenty to be shocked – and enthused – about.

So, with that, instead of just doing a quick recap of an article talking about its features and what Ballmer had to say about it, we thought we’d go ahead and highlight the five biggest features that the Surface will come with, which should definitely be considered selling points.  Ahh, if only we had a release date and price.  Oh well, can’t have everything.  Let’s get to the five reasons…



10.6” Display with 16.9 resolution


Remember when Apple was making a big deal with its new iPad device because it had a better video resolution than the iPad 2, which already had decent video resolution?  Well, rather than go through so many upgrades with the Surface, Microsoft is releasing it with supposed 1080p support across a 16.9 resolution screen, across a 10.6” display.  If that doesn’t impress when you’re watching The Dark Knight or Marvel’s The Avengers, we’re not sure what would.


(photo taken from CNET)