Five Teams Who Should Have Made the Game of Thrones Game

After Atlus’ failure, we examine what publishers could’ve made George R.R. Martin’s franchise better.

Ugh.  Game of Thrones.  Not the show, mind you, and certainly not A Song of Fire and Ice.  Those are high-quality works that, by all means, shouldn’t be missed, especially for the significant twists and turns.  But the game, recently released by Atlus and Cyanide Studios, leaves a lot to be desired.  It’s fallen completely flat on its face, leaving a diabolically thrilling storyline dangling in the wind because of faulty gameplay and a presentation that can’t compare to The Witcher 2 or even Kingdoms of Amalur.  With that, we’re left wondering…why didn’t someone else grab this franchise?


After all, Game of Thrones is huge in popularity right now.  HBO is garnering huge ratings from the show, and obviously Martin has plenty of book sales to smile about.  So shouldn’t someone else have taken advantage of the game franchise?  With that, we’re left pondering who should’ve stepped up, and we’ve got five developers who could’ve easily done better…



38 Studios


Even though they’ve only had one major hit on their hands – and their squabbles with Rhode Island officials leaves us wondering about their future state – Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios is quite the development team, as the awesome Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning proves.  This team has done much in the adventure world, with hours worth of questing and some great graphics to boot.  They could’ve easily worked this same kind of magic on the Game of Thrones franchise.  Can you imagine this fantasy universe bonded with George R.R. Martin’s excellent writing?  Shivers down the spine, folks.  Shivers down the spine.