Five Ways Major League Baseball Gaming Can Live On If MLB 2K Discontinues

Now that Major League Baseball 2K may be going away, what can the league do to keep baseball video games alive? We’ve got some ideas.

If you like baseball video games, chances are you’re doing one of two things right now.  You’re either heavily investing yourself in Sony’s dominating simulator MLB 12: The Show on PlayStation Vita or PS3, or you’re playing 2K Sports’ Major League Baseball 2K12, which actually fared pretty well considering how the series has been in a bit of a (pardon the pun) slide here.  But it looks like the competition may be whittled down, as 2K is considering letting its deal with MLB expire in 2013, though that wasn’t officially announced.

That said, one has to wonder what will become of the future of baseball video games.  The sport is still quite popular, despite little controversies surrounding certain players or drug testing, and as Sony has shown over the years, there’s still appeal in turning it into a video game.  So what should happen now?  We’ve got a few ideas of what can be done with future baseball games…

2K Can Resign With MLB, and Retweak MLB For the Next Generation

Just because 2K Sports didn’t give an official position on its Major League Baseball franchise doesn’t mean it’s giving up.  Look at what the company did with its NHL games when they were starting to falter.  It shelved its 2K brand and is currently “retooling” with it, trying to bring it back at the right time.  So why can’t it do the same for MLB?  This could be the time for the company to work with Visual Concepts on bringing back both brands for a whole new generation, including the Wii U, as well as the upcoming Xbox and PlayStation systems.  Sure, their bats would be quiet for a while, but at least they’d be coming back swinging.


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