Five Ways Nintendo Let Us Down At E3

Nintendo had a decent showing, but there’s so much more they could’ve done.

This year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo was supposed to be the place where Nintendo would proclaim domination with its Wii U device, and show the world what its next gen system could do.  And while there were more than enough games to go around, Nintendo themselves only had so many surprises up its sleeve, with the main one being…Nintendoland?  That said, the company came up short in its presentation, and we count the five most crucial ways they did so.

Not to say that we aren’t excited for the Wii U, mind you.  The system has potential, as we saw in such games as Zombi U, Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition and Rayman Legends.  But there’s really so much more the company could’ve done.  Let’s count down the letdowns…



Not enough done at their press conference.


When people attend your press conference, or watch it online, it usually means that they’ve got a huge interest in what you’re looking to reveal at an event, whether they’re covering it for an online article or merely watching as a fan.  And Nintendo really didn’t do much with theirs.  The fact that it kept trying to tie in attention with its “” site, and didn’t even show off all the potential Wii U and 3DS games at the event (it saved those for a later online showcase, of all things) just really left us with our heads shaking.  And the fact it ended with a virtual fireworks display from Nintendoland, rather than a huge game reveal, disappointed us even further.


You don't know the game industry.

Well obviously you don't know anything about the game industry or Nintendo. Nintendo did not let people down it's just that nobody is ever satisfied. People are just always expecting more & more it show plenty of how the Wii U worked and you wanting it to end with some amazing reveal is ridiculous, I liked the way it ended with Nintendoland, it looks great. ''No zelda or metroid" come on really we had a zelda just a few months back you can't expect one so soon  ''Lasy year, Nintendo showed of  a Zelda HD demo, and yet, this year, no sign of it, no new game annoucement, no hint of that rumored zelda HD collection, nothing.''  Well, Nintendo said themselves  that the zelda demo showed last year was just a tech demo, and not a real game, therefor you should not have been expecting something so soon, It was not a real game, just a tech demo to show off the Wii U hardware. as for the rumored Zelda HD collection, that's why they call it a rumor because, IT IS JUST A RUMOR, and why would you think new metroid prime would be annouced, that series ended. There was nothing wrong with the Wii Fit U trailer that's just you're dumb opinion. We do not need to here anything about Nintendo Network, because we heard plenty of Miiverse which is plenty enough. you apparently don't reserch enough to know this, we don't have a price nintendo wanted to focus on games and hardware, we have no date for launch, but, we do know it will be out this year before christmas. and having joel mchale on stage during E3 and acting funny would be way too unprofessional. Get a little smarter and understand the game industry a little more before writting an something like this.