Free Persona 2: Innocent Sin Soundtrack with Pre-Order

The jazzy tunes of Shoji Meguro are yours for the listening if you pre-order Persona 2.

After waiting twelve years to play Persona 2: Innocent Sin, American Persona fans deserve a little something for their patience, don't you think? Atlus agrees, which is why they've just announced the soundtrack that will accompany the game should fans pre-order it. More info after the jump.

The ten song mini-soundtrack includes remixes from the acclaimed Shoji Meguro, as well as a few songs from the original Playstation release and an unreleased track. The music of the Persona franchise is so popular that there have even been concerts in Japan where Shoji Meguro and others performed the music of the games on-stage.

The starting villain of Persona 2. A truly tragic character.

Persona 2: Innocent Sin tells a tale of rumor becoming reality. A world where high schoolers must protect their friends from an evil cult using these rumors to their advantage. A villain who wants revenge against the friends who betrayed him, but have completely forgotten everything about him. It is a tragic tale, and it's coming to the PSP this fall.