GamesCom 2011: Dragon Age 3 Will Combine Elements of the First Two Games, Says Bioware

Bioware already had more than enough going on at GamesCom this past week, showing its highly anticipated Mass Effect 3 to an eager onslaught of gamers and gaming media.  But Dr. Ray Muzyka, Bioware's CEO, had more sequels to talk about besides the sci-fi saga.  He hinted that the next game on the Dragon Age series, which is reportedly underway, will actually take some elements from the best-selling Origins and combine them with parts from Dragon Age II, creating a new experience that fans of both games will thoroughly enjoy.

Speaking with PC Gamer, Muzyka stated, “One of the core values of Bioware is that we take feedback really seriously, and we know that the core fans who were expecting more Dragon Age Origins – we have to respond to that – we’re not willing to ignore that, we’re going to take that head on.”

This was following his response regarding the somewhat above average reviews of Dragon Age II, which had slightly lower marks than the original Origins.  “It’s interesting because the first reviews – the number of the reviews was also very polarised, awesomely so. Lots of 90+ reviews, we also got fans that I think in some cases who were expecting more Dragon Age: Origins, and there was a misalignment of expectation there,” stated Muzyka.

That said, he's not ready to dump the elements used in Dragon Age II entirely.  “We also have an obligation to our new fans,” added Muzyka, “the ones who were surprised and delighted with some new approaches and accessibility in terms of action and combat."

“What we need to do as developers is take that feedback from both sets of fans to heart and see about marrying that in future games in the Dragon Age franchise. I think that the team has actually got a great plan. I think the team is going to have some things that are going to surprise both sets of fans, both core fans and new fans with a marriage of these… the best from both games, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II. And we look forward more to talking about that in the future.”

We're eager to hear more about it, but something tells us that time won't come until the Game Developers Conference 2012, which begins around the time that Mass Effect 3 should be on store shelves.  You can bet we'll be interested to see what happens at that point.

On a side note, might we request a few more Baldur's Gate items?  Nothing beats turning back to a classic.