GDC 2012: Four Big New PlayStation Vita Projects (Accidentally) Revealed

Monster Hunter, Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy set to make debuts?

At the Game Developers Conference, there are plenty of surprises making the rounds, with new reveals happening and information dropping on new projects.  Sony was expecting to make some PlayStation Vita announcements over the course of the week, big new games that would carry their new handheld system into the fall system.  However, thanks to a leak over at, we have an idea of what these projects could very well be…

Eurogamer broke the news earlier today, regarding the UK distributor’s pre-order links for the four projects.  Only one for Monster Hunter still remains up, but the company still managed to capture an image of all the listings before they were taken down.

Yep, I said Monster Hunter.  It appears that Capcom is hard at work on Monster Hunter Portable 3 for the handheld, slated for release later this year.  The game will now doubt bring a new level of detail over the previous PSP releases, as well as full PlayStation Network integration and hours worth of quests to complete.

If you’re looking for a different kind of quest, you might want to check out Tales of innocence R.  Though details are very scarce on this rumored project, it’s looking like a traditional role-playing adventure, one that will no doubt take advantage of the Vita’s high detail screen.

Square is reportedly working on a new Final Fantasy project for the handheld, one nicknamed Type-O HD.  Again, we don’t have any official information to go on, but judging by the early cover art, it looks like this will tie in with the ongoing role playing series’ legacy with no problem.

Finally, Rockstar Games is getting into the Vita business with the rumored Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Nights.  It sounds like a spin-off similar to the “Stories” games that came out for PS2, though it sounds like it’ll be taking place in the 80’s with the previous games.  Again, no details are available just yet, but perhaps soon.

Look for more information on these games over the course of the show.  The Vita’s future is certainly looking bright with proposed big projects like these on the horizon.