GDC 2012: A Virtua Fighter Joins the Dead Or Alive Fighting Ranks

Could we possibly be looking at the next great fighting crossover?

Once upon a time, fighting game giants refused to work with one another, instead competing for attention in the arcades with their own individual products.  But then someone got the crazy notion, “Hey, we should team up our franchises and see what comes up.”  And thus, crossovers was born.  Many companies have done it, including Capcom and SNK with their Capcom vs. SNK games, respectively, and soon Street Fighter x Tekken will be knocking around the streets, set for a release tomorrow.  But are you possibly ready for…Sega versus Tecmo?

Though we’re not likely to see a Virtua Fighter vs. Dead Or Alive series anytime soon, we will see a likely battle from such a project sooner rather than later.  Tecmo Koei announced today that they were making an interesting new addition to its Dead Or Alive roster – Akira from Virtua Fighter.  In fact, to make good on the announcement, the company even released a gameplay trailer, showing him in action against Kasumi.  And even though the sexy young ninja warrior can hold her own in the fight, she eventually feels the power from her mighty adversary.

This isn’t the first time that Tecmo Koei has called upon a guest star to appear in its Dead Or Alive series, as it previously recruited a Spartan from the Halo universe to make a guest appearance in Dead Or Alive 4.  However, this truly marks the first real appearance of Akira outside of the Virtua Fighter series, save for his car driving in Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing.  Furthermore, his fighting style appears to be completely intact, complete with powerful moves and lightning fast kicks.  Perfect for going up against those in the Dead Or Alive universe.

Could this be the start of possible crossovers to come?  Maybe we’ll see a Tecmo character appear in a future Virtua Fighter game, though not likely Final Showdown, which is set to make its debut on XBLA and PSN this summer.  Perhaps this could pave the way for a future Fighters Megamix release, featuring the best from Sega’s world butting heads with those from Tecmo’s universe.  One can only dream about the Hornet from Daytona battling the likes of Mighty Bomb Jack.

Meanwhile, Dead Or Alive 5 is set for release later this year.  We might get a look at it this week at GDC, so stay tuned.  Meanwhile, here’s the mind-blowing trailer we were talking about.  And we don’t just mean for Kasumi…