Interview: Creative Director Josh Holmes Talks Halo 4 (Xbox 360)

We get the goods on the upcoming sequel that will blow away fans of the series.

During our time at the Electronic Entertainment Expo a few weeks ago, one game that distinctly stood out from the crowd was Halo 4, Microsoft’s upcoming sequel to the series that will also introduce a new trilogy, with Master Chief facing  a devastating new evil force in the universe.  The game is taking a much different direction than before, with 343 Industries taking over development for the now-departed Bungie.  But fans needn’t worry, as the series is in good hands.

We got a chance to try out both multiplayer maps and some of the new Spartan Ops missions, and judging by what we’ve played thus far, it definitely has the Halo groove going for it.  The controls almost feel like second-nature, as you guide Master Chief through both destroyed city terrain and alien-infested stations, using various weapons of choice.  What’s more, the new graphics actually show a huge leap forward in the series, with some fantastic new visual effects and plenty of inspired map designs that players will appreciate.

After playing through the game’s multiplayer maps, we found an opportunity to chat with creative director Josh Holmes, from 343 Industries, about the sequel.  Though the lighting isn’t the greatest (we thought it’d be moody and all with the Halo 4 set-up), we did get a lot of new information on the game directly from Holmes, such as what it was like taking the franchise over from Bungie and some of the better features we can expect in the sequel.