Interview With The Lead Creative Mind Behind Offensive Combat, Chris Archer

This game is just stupid fun

The first person shooter genre is stacked with quality AAA games from various publishers year in and year out. Most of them usually carry strict military tone that resembles the theme carried out thought the game. Offensive Combat is different and takes an entirely different approach. The game doesn’t take it self seriously and that is one of its main attributes.

U4iA Games is letting players expresses themselves on the battlefield by allowing players to play whatever style they want. Dominant the battlefield dressed as a stereotypical soldier or you can wear the most ridiculous banana costume that gaming has ever seen. I recently had time to sit down with Chris Archer, co-founder of U4iA and the development lead behind Offensive Combat for inside on the game and what lies ahead for the project.

GamerLive.TV: What was the main design process for the game? How did you get inspired to create Offensive Combat?

Chris Archer: It’s an interesting story, but really the core idea came from our experience with action games and kind of seeing everyone doing the same thing over and over again. We wanted to do something new in the market?


So you talk about your experience in the market can you talk more about that?

Sure! I have been the industry for twenty-one years. I started in the early 90’s at Virgin Interactive. We made some old games like The Seventh Guest, Creature Shock and things like that. So I have been making action games for a very long time. I helped make True Crime, Spiderman and the original Tony Hawk for Activision. We come from a lot of experience on action titles. When we came together, we wanted to see where the market was headed and we felt that it was free-to-play in the browser. Nobody is making high quality stuff for the browser, so we really wanted to do that. When we started down the path, we knew we were going to make a shooter, but we quickly realized we had an opportunity being an indie developer. Being indie allowed us to take some risks that we wouldn’t have before and ultimately that’s the answer. We took some risks by mashing up things that players know and allow them to play how they want.

Know what do you mean by mashing things up?

That boils down to characters, weapons, maps and even to celebrations. You can play as a hardcore soldier type character, or if just wanted to play around, you could dress up in a banana suit (peanut butter jelly time). We have maps that are like your favorite space shooter or war shooter. We really wanted to draw people in from those games to play from neutral territory. The idea of having a ballistic weapon, that’s a real world weapon that’s slot A of your load out, but in slot B you have an energy weapon that’s taken from another genre.

For a browser based game, how many development members are on the team?

It’s very small, we started in August of last year and we have so far added ten people to the staff. We have 22 developers today, which is an increditably small gifted team that has a lot of experience. We are building the amount of content we need for launch and we are constantly listening to the community and building around that, which is much different then spending millions of dollars on big production on single player and cinematics. Instead focusing energy and money on things that our consumers will need.