Jeremy Lin, Linsanity Upgraded to 69 Rating in NBA 2K12 Update - Too Low?

Linsanity fever spills over to NBA 2K12 virtual hardwoods
Jeremy Lin, Linsanity Upgraded to 69 Rating in NBA 2K12 Update

With Linsanity fever taken up another notch with Jeremy Lin's last second, tie-breaking three point shot heroics to beat the Toronto Raptors yesterday 90-87, NBA 2K12 has just come out with its latest "Living Roster" update and Lin has gone up from 56 to 69 in his NBA 2K12 ratings. While that's not bad for a kid that wasn't even on the radar six games ago let alone on the New York Knicks roster two months ago, many NBA 2K12 gamers are wondering, is the new rating too low?

Jeremy Lin NBA 2K12 Ratings Update

After six outstanding, fairy tale-like games, five as the New York Knick's new starting point guard, Jeremy Lin has turned the NBA on its head with Linsanity (or use any Lin-youchoosetheword nicknames you can think of). Lin's feat of scoring 20 or more points and 136 points total in his first five career starts is a post NBA-ABA merger league record that tops even LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal. Even before 2K Sports came out with its updated ratings for Lin, gamers were already customizing and upgrading their own virtual Lins in their NBA 2K12 game and posting their virtual Lin games posterizing their virtual LeBrons on YouTube.



After every game in his magical run, there have, of course, been critics who have questioned if Lin could face the pressure, continue to play at such a high level, play with more defensive focus on him, hit the big shot, just hits shots, period. And at every turn, Lin has answered the naysayers with an absolute YES HE CAN. From showing up Kobe Bryant to hitting 3 pointers to hitting the last minute, game-winning shot, and oh by the way, at an amazing 50.4% field goal percentage with an average of 26.8 points, 8.5 assists and 1.8 steals in those six games, there are fewer and fewer critics and more and more Lin fans, including President Obama, Spike Lee, Jerry West, Steve Nash, Derrick Rose to name a few. His jersey is the best selling jersey in the NBA this week, MSG TV ratings are up 207% and he is filling arenas wherever he plays. Even Wall Street has noticed as MSG's stock is up about 10% or over $130 million in shareholder value since Linsanity started.