Max Payne 3 Ships Three Million Copies On Its Opening Week

Today during Take Two earnings conference call, first week results of Max Payne 3, Rockstar’s newest game were released. According to Take Two Interactive, Max Payne shipped three million units in its first week. No word yet on how many units they actually sold, but it's still great news for both Rockstar games and Take Two. 

Comparing Max Payne to L.A Noire, Rockstar’s last game. L.A Noire sold 1.6 million in it's first week, which is half of what Max Payne 3 shipped and ranks as one of the lowest opening weeks in Rockstar’s history. So Max Payne should have more success then detective Phelps with fans enjoying the deep single player campaign and the addictive multiplayer. Robert Workman recently reviewed the game and thought it was one of the best games in Rockstar’s history. 

Max Payne

"It’s hard to believe that Rockstar Games could pull off a Max Payne sequel without Remedy Entertainment, but here they are, once again proving their track record as they did with the stylish L.A. Noire and the stunning Red Dead Redemption. Max Payne 3 is a violent yet awesome action game with plenty of depth in both single and multiplayer – and it leads off this summer of gaming with a bang."

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Interesting to note, If Max Payne 3 sells Red Dead Redemption numbers, there is possibility that we might get a zombie mode. Now personally I doubt we are going to get a zombie mode, but I would hate to be Max Payne right now.