NBA 2K12 and the PlayStation Move: What's the Connection?

We break down what to expect from the motion-control basketball experience.

NBA 2K12 hits stores in just about three days' time, and players everywhere will be able to get their basketball fix without listening to David Stern and Dwayne Wade yell at each other.  Thank goodness, because it's the sport that matters, not the politics behind it.  What's more, you can literally get into the action with the PlayStation 3 version by taking control with the PlayStation Move.  So how's it work?

You might remember that last year's edition of 2K Sports' basketball series, NBA 2K11, supported PlayStation Move, and though we wouldn't exactly call it a monumental leap forward in video game motion controls, it defintiely added a new degree of playability to the game, with its intricate circling motions and the ability to shoot the ball like a pro.  2K Sports was happy to announced that these controls will be returning for NBA 2K12, along with a few refinements.

Along with being able to interact with their players when it comes to passing, shooting and blocking (and all without the need of a navigational controller, no less), players now have the option of choosing which player on the court they want to take control of.  It's quite easy, actually.  Simply point your Move controller at the active player, tap on a button, and boom, you're in control, and you can let your shooting skills come naturally from there.

The motion controls work so easily, one has to wonder why 2K Sports didn't implement something similar with the Kinect on the Xbox 360.  During a conference call on Wednesday, the developers stated, “We’re always looking for ways to enhance… We won’t use it just ’cause we can. We have a ton of ideas for Kinect. Stay tuned on that one.”  Does this mean we could see it patched in over the course of the season?  And maybe 3D support perhaps?

Still, NBA 2K12 should be a smooth playing experience, whether you're taking a chance with the PlayStation Move controls, or going all out using a typical controller.  The demo we played brought a lot of great basketball memories, so the full game, with its legends and various modes, should be even better.  We'll let you know in a matter of days...