NBA 2K12: What's Left To Improve For Next Year?

We speculate what could possibly be added to make it even better.

NBA 2K12 has been out for just about a week now, but there's no question the reception behind its release has been nothing short of spectacular.  Basketball fans everywhere love it; critics are giving it high marks and considering it one of the best sports games ever made; and as for us, hey, we could barely tear ourselves away from it long enough to type this article.  And that leaves us wondering...what's left to do for NBA 2K13?  Not much, but there are a few things...

First off, it's obvious that rookie involvement is one of the things missing in NBA 2K12, mainly due to rules pertaining from the currently ongoing NBA lockout.  By this time next year, we (hopefully) will see that concluded, meaning that 2K Sports could throw in some rookie-centric mode that focuses on a young player entering the NBA and learning the ropes as he slowly fits in with his team.  Granted, you can do this with Create a Legend, picking any current NBA player and guiding them through moments of their career.  But there's something about seeing a newbie in the prime of his career, working his way up through the ranks.

Secondly, street ball.  Some people think that the NBA games should focus on what's happening on the official courts, but it's interesting to throw a "street" motif in, as previous games have done in the past.  Think NBA Street Homecourt vibe, but without the high-flying stunts that have since become standard in the NBA Jam games.  It'd be interesting to see a game of pick-up ball with NBA players relaxing and doing what they wanna do, without worrying about refs and crazy crowds filling the seats.  It's not a complete necessity, just an idea.

Third, more overseas teams.  It's great to see a number of teams available to us, but it'd be excellent to see more overseas teams enter the picture, like from China and Europe.  Especially now, since the likes of Kenyon Martin and J.R. Smith are playing somewhere else due to the lockout.

And this may seem like a longshot, but considering that a WNBA game won't be coming out anytime soon (if at all), how about a separate WNBA mode, where players can choose their favorite female stars and hit the court in an attempt to win their own championship?  They use the same arenas as regular NBA players do, and they have a similar style of play, so how hard would it be to implement this as some kind of side mode?  Just an idea.

More legends.  We're looking at the likes of Charles Barkley and other players who didn't make the cut this time around.  C'mon, Charles, just get back on the court already.

Finally, more roster updates and continuous gameplay improvements.  NBA 2K12 is a great feeling experience overall when it comes to tight controls, but it's not quite perfect.  2K Sports needs to implement a community feature where users can record and report problems on the fly as they're playing, rather than trying to describe them in forum posts and hoping 2K notices.  This feedback feature would go a long way to improving the game for the long haul, rather than waiting to see what Visual Concepts does.

Like we said, these are just a few ideas, but what would you like to see added to NBA 2K13?  Sound off!