Nintendo Talks 3DS Video Recording, Mario Kart Wireless Features

Plus...Kirby's Adventure in 3D!

Why anyone would hold a press conference so early in the morning is beyond us, aside from the fact that maybe they want to reach an international audience a little sooner.  Nevertheless, Nintendo held one earlier today, and discussed some new features for the Nintendo 3DS that are bound to get some attention from owners of the innovative handheld.  And yes, it's actually good news.

First off, a feature that Nintendo's been talking about for some time, using the Nintendo 3DS for video recording capabilities, is finally coming.  As you can see from the image, the recording option allows for up to ten minutes of footage, which you can then transfer to other 3DS owners, should you feel like showing off your 3D imagery to others.  You can also do some nifty tricks with stop motion animation if you're one of those aspiring filmmakers.  The firmware update is scheduled to launch sometime in mid-November, which is free of charge.

In addition, Nintendo has announced that they have struck a deal to bring the streaming service Hulu Plus to both the Nintendo Wii and the 3DS.  This brings a number of programs available on the Hulu service to the systems, including NBC programming.  Finally, we can watch Community on the go!  This, on top of the already available Netflix and the upcoming Dreamworks movies, should help diversify Nintendo's streaming choices.  (And it's a vast improvement over the iffy Nintendo Video options.)

Nintendo also talked a little bit about Mario Kart 7, which launches our way in early December.  The game will feature 8-player wireless action, including the option of passing along Mario Kart stats, including ghosts, coins, and win-loss records, with others through StreetPass.  It's quite innovative, even if the game itself has been around for ages.  We'll still pick it up.  Oh yeah, and you can form a community with others as well -- even if you're using one of the new characters, such as Lakitu and Metal Mario.

The last bit of news is probably the best.  Nintendo has announced that they are working on a new 3D Classic for download through the eShop.  There's no release date on it yet, but it's a title that's well worth anticipating -- Kirby's Adventure!  The platformer was first seen on the Game Boy before coming to the NES and, eventually, the Virtual Console service on Wii.  To see it again in 3D would be a please.

See?  Even if it's early in the morning (grumble), Nintendo has good news all around.  But nothing on the Wii U.  Curious...