Nintendo's Next Steps For 3DS

Sleep downloads, a new web/PC interface, and more.

Nintendo has seen better times.  The company is preparing to report its first quarterly loss in quite some time, and it's still trying to put faith back into its Nintendo 3DS user base, despite its botched launch earlier this year.  But things are on the mend, and along with the promise of a Wii U final build coming to E3 next year, the company will be updating the 3DS with new features, starting with a firmware update this November.  What can we expect?

First off, the Nintendo 3DS will soon be capable of receiving add-on content for games.  "This is a feature a number of software creators have been looking forward to," said Nintendo president Saturo Iwata.  This will allow developers to greatly expand upon their playable games, and making a few extra dollars in DLC on the side.  We could easily see Mario Kart 7 getting a few new tracks and drivers.

One huge improvement will come with downloads, as users no longer have to wait on a 3DS eShop screen to receive their stuff.  They can have the system in sleep mode and they'll still download goods.  More demos will also be featured for the system, "for which they can put a limit on the number of trials." said Iwata, referring to developers.

But perhaps the most interesting thing?  A new web/PC user base that will work in coordination with QR codes on products, so users can download content without having to go through the eShop's interface.  "That function is already included in the upcoming system update for the Nintendo 3DS," Iwata said, and a full web shop should be launched over the next few months.

These are crucial steps in helping out 3DS owners, but to be honest, they should've come around months ago.  Nintendo is merely playing catch up now, and while we prefer late over not at all, there's no question it's scrambling to make the Nintendo 3DS everything it initially promised it to be.  Here's hoping that 2012 brings even bigger changes -- and that long-awaited Kid Icarus release.