No More Xehanort After Kingdom Hearts III

Nomura talks about Kingdom Hearts 3D and what's in store for the future of the franchise.

In a recent interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura, character designer and creator of the Kingdom Hearts games, talked about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D, as well as what else to expect in Kingdom Hearts' future. Those interested in knowing where the series is headed, read on.

According to the interview, Kingdom Hearts 3D, the next game in the series, is forty to fifty percent complete. It seems to take place shortly after RE:Coded and involves "hidden data" inside Sora, the game's protagonist. The 3D in the title doesn't just refer to the fact that the game will be on the 3DS, either. It apparently stands for "Dream Drop Distance," continuing Square-Enix's proud tradition of irritatingly pretentious titles.

Nomura hinted at other details about the game, saying, "XXX and XXX in Traverse Town!" What names are supposed to fill these blanks is anyone's guess, though based on the original trailer Ansem and Xemnas seem the safest assumptions. (For those unfamiliar with the series, Ansem and Xemnas are two forms the series' villain Xehanort has taken in previous games.) Nomura also said the game's story would be "enigmatic and quite puzzling" and that the game would feature a secret video. The secret videos in Kingdom Hearts games often function as the first look fans get at future titles.

While there have been plenty of Kingdom Hearts games since Kingdom Hearts II, there hasn't actually been a Kingdom Hearts III to function as the next major chapter in the story. Nomura was finally willing to shed some light on the series future, saying that Kingdom Hearts III would mark the end of Xehanort's role in the story. Nomura also plans on continuing the franchise after Kingdom Hearts III with Sora still as the main character. Fans can only speculate on what this will mean for the upcoming games.

Sora faces off against a giant Nobody in Traverse Town.

Ultimately, this isn't much info about Kingdom Hearts III, but after years of waiting fans will take what they can get. More info on Kingdom Hearts 3D will probably be revealed at this year's Tokyo Game Show, taking place in September.