Review: The Book of Unwritten Tales Opens a New Entertaining Chapter in the Click-And-Play Adventure History Book

Or can a type of video game famous in the 1990’s find its place in the modern world?

The Book of Unwritten Tales is a classic click and play game in the line of Monkey Island or the Baphomet series, very witty and with a great sense of adventure. Developed by King Art and published by Nordic Games, the game hits a category that produced many great titles but that is well known for some pretty disastrous publications. So which of the two is the book of unwritten falling into?

Well, let’s have a look into it. First of all, TBoUT ticks all the boxes dictated by the genre. You are a playing a third player character, follow a well written story line, discover plethora of random objects and solve puzzles of every kind you can think of. But there are risks. It is very easy with fixed background and repetitive and long conversation to end up with a very boring title. the character(s) needs to be very well created and easy to like, the puzzles needs to have just the right amount of difficulty while being genuinely logical and within the boundaries of common sense and you have to be caught by an attractive story. Good news, TBoUT is all of that and will make you laugh out loud. Always awkward if you play on your laptop in a quiet train. Think about the name of the game and you will realise that it doesn’t even make much sense.