Review: Dead Island Is Gruesome, Mindless Fun at Its Best

Vacations are so much fun when you're undead
Whenever you think vacation, a few things come immediately to mind - beaches, rainforests, sunshine, warm weather. Probably one of the last things you'd ever associate with that is zombies, and that's only if you believe they exist. However, both people on vacation and the locals of Banoi had to defend themselves against the walking undead in Deep Silver's Dead Island. With the odds stacked against you, is this fight for survival worth fighting, or are you better off throwing in the towel?
Dead Island follows the tradition of many other zombie-related movies and video games, where in a matter of a few hours, an entire population finds itself turned into zombies and a town in ruin with few survivors left to go against the odds and try to make their way out. This time, the disaster happens in a resort island in the Pacific Ocean, where after a night of wild partying, four survivors wake up to find the island devastated by the attack of zombies.
These four survivors find themselves immune to the zombies bites somehow, so as it turns out they are the ones fated to try to fight the good fight and help as many people as they can to get off the island. There are a few other people leading the pack that you'll come across, including a man who only communicates with everyone on the island via a CB radio while keeping his whereabouts secret.
Although the game gets off to a good start, the story only does enough to provide context for travelling about the island, going on quests, and helping any other survivors you run across during your travels. The story isn't too captivating, though things pick up a little towards the end.
Another conflict that the story suffers from is the contradiction between it and the gameplay. With the abundance of weapons and resources, ability to upgrade abilities via a skill tree, and weapon crafting, Dead Island plays a lot more like an action RPG. The story comes across as a survival horror game, but with the odds of survival seemingly quite high, that effort ends up being a rather feeble one.