Review: Not Much Bang Bang Racing For Your Buck (Xbox Live, PlayStation Network)

This decent arcade racer loses momentum with its lackluster car selection, uneven AI and missing online features.

You can race against friends locally through some great multiplayer set-ups, but, sadly, that’s where your competition ends, as the game offers no online features for Xbox Live or PlayStation Network.  Considering that most arcade-style racers provide plenty of this, complete with leaderboards or direct versus action, this is rather disappointing.


Bang Bang Racing’s presentation isn’t half bad.  While there’s hardly anything to really linger with here, the graphics are pleasant, with enough diversity in the settings and tracks to really make you feel like you’re racing outside of one neighborhood.  The cars look good too, even if they don’t perform that much differently.  And the music’s alright, nothing you’ll want to keep humming for days at a time, but also nothing that will make you reach for the volume button on your TV.


In the end, Bang Bang Racing is simple racing – maybe a little too simple.  It relies on traditional gameplay that never evolves, and also has the same Ai issues that a lot of other racing games have.  And without online competition entering the picture, it just ends up being the same old ride.  For some people who liked the racers of old, it’s worth a test drive.  But everyone else may want to shop around for a more definitive racer.