Review: PopCap Delivers Sweet Revenge With Zuma (iPad/iOS)

The ball-shooting sequel is genuinely fun for a measly five bucks.

The presentation doesn’t really go too far off from the Zuma formula, but that’s to be expected.  The levels themselves are grandly designed, with plenty to shoot at and strategies to figure out.  The flow is pretty smooth, with rarely any slowdown to throw off your momentum.  And though they aren’t fully animated, the bosses are humorous, taunting you as you grow closer to your battle with them.  They even come up with some elementary insults – elementary school, that is.

The music continues to have an Aztec-like vibe to it, and the only other effects are balls shooting (pop, pop, pop) and occasional voice hints at what’s going on.  The game doesn’t really need anything else, though.  I’m glad the bosses don’t have goofy voices.  Probably would’ve ruined it.

What else really needs to be said?  PopCap has this process nailed down pat, and continues its run on mobile platforms with the impressive Zuma’s Revenge HD.  It’s cheap, enjoyable and packed with the kind of levels that keep you coming back for more until you’ve truly mastered them.  Buy it without hesitation.