Review: Sorcery Casts a Spell With PlayStation Move Owners (PlayStation 3)

Control limitations, however, might keep you from being a master wizard.

When it comes to games made specifically for the PlayStation Move, Sony could’ve done better.  Some of the lamer party and dancing efforts are easily forgettable; Kung Fu Rider stunk worse than a slice of Gouda cheese left in an unplugged fridge for a week; and Medieval Moves was too jittery for its own good.  But now, two years after its initial announcement, we have a game that actually makes the PlayStation Move look likable, even though using it actually reveals a pretty big weakness.

First announced at E3 2010, Sorcery tells the tale of Finn, an apprentice magician who learns wisely from his master, but still feels the need to try out his wares with spells that fail.  And no one takes more pleasure from this than Erline, the master’s cat.  One day, Erline guides Finn into a cave, and as that happens, a strange old woman manages to make a mess of things, killing the master and destroying his village.


In his dying breath, the master asks Finn to look after Erline, as she’s more than just a typical house cat.  And so, their adventure begins, as he uses everything he’s learned about magic to battle back against monsters and keep the animal safe.


Sorcery actually tells a very good story, one that’s far more interesting than anything that’s come out before for the Move.  You’ll get involved with Finn and Erline, and the troubles they encounter as they slowly learn the truth about what’s happening.  I won’t spoil it here, but it’s better than you might be expecting.  This ain’t no Medieval Moves.


In addition, Sorcery is a great looking adventure.  Not everything has been thoroughly polished – some of the facial animations look like they belong back on the PlayStation 2 – but the environments are quite dazzling, as you get a good look around some great fantasy-based worlds where you’ll travel through on your journey.  The enemies are good too, particularly the giant bosses who can’t wait to squash you flat.  And some of the spells you cast put on a great light show, especially as you get them powered up over the course of the game.