Is Rock Band 3 Ready For an Encore?

MadCatz has released several game and hardware bundles featuring the rock hit.

A lot of controversy has surrounded Harmonix and Rock Band 3 since its release last year, particularly with MTV Games dropping the developer and then turning around and suing shareholders for taking too many cash awards from its success.  But that hasn't stopped millions of gamers from rocking out to its selections, as well as its downloadable content, which continues on a weekly basis to this day.  But now MadCatz is looking to do a little banking of its own, as it's repackaging the game just in time for this season's holiday rush.

MadCatz has announced the release of three particular bundles, which include a copy of the game as well as a particular peripheral that lets you play along with the music.  A bundle featuring the Fender Mustang Pro Guitar goes for $150; a normal Stratocaster bundle will set you back $70; and a Precision Bass pack will set you back $80.  (Notably absent are bundles featuring the drums, microphone, and, surprisingly enough, keyboard.)

In addition, the bundles also come with a special premium five-pack of Red Hot Chili Peppers songs, available through DLC.  These songs include: Californication, Otherside,Under the Bridge, By the Way, and The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie.

Darren Richardson, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Mad Catz Interactive, Inc. stated, “We believe that bundling hardware, software and complementary tracks by the Red Hot Chili Peppers represents superb value for money and further demonstrates our commitment to delivering unique entertainment experiences through software publishing and specialty hardware.”

Now, if you don't have the game yet, these definitely aren't bad deals, especially considering that most stores don't even carry the instrument peripherals new anymore.  But still, we're left wondering just how the game will perform for MadCatz this holiday season, especially since it sells for $19.99 by itself.  And the fact that a keyboard bundle isn't available in this new pack is questionable, especially since it plays such a huge part in the third game.  (Then again, you can probably pick up a bundle that's still being sold from last year for around $40.)

We'll have to wait and see.  Meanwhile, the cavalcade of downloadable content should continue well into the New Year.  Plus, this Tuesday, we get Starship's "We Built This City".  Not bad, right?