See the First 2 Minutes of the Top-Secret Bioshock: Infinite E3 Demo

Demo that was shown behind closed doors will finally see the light
Out of all of the games that were shown at E3, it seems that Bioshock: Infinite left a huge impression on judges and critics alike, scoring lots of awards including Best of Show. The reason it won so many people over was a demo that was shown at E3, but only privileged people were allowed to see this. You may be wondering what was so good about the demo in the first place, but now you'll get the chance to see it for yourself. In preparation for a 30-minute special on Spike TV, 2K Games sent out a teaser that shows the first 2 minutes of the E3 demo.
It may not be a whole lot to go on, but I say these 2 minutes make a few things very clear. For one, the visual design of the game is quite stunning. The dynamic lighting from the sun will cause shadows to move around properly, as well as the glare produced by a little bit of light leaking from the curtains. The design of the game also does a good job of representing the 1910s with the fonts, architecture, and other elements used in the game's creation.
What really seems to steal the show is the interaction between Booker and Elizabeth. It reminds me of an older brother/younger sister relationship, seeing how Elizabeth's interest is piqued at the sight of even the smallest things. The two share lines of dialogue that play off of each other while they both explore the room. Whenever Elizabeth is under distress, Booker immediately comes to her rescue and does express genuine concern for her well-being. 
If that's indicative of later things to come, I say their relationship could actually steal the show, and that includes the gameplay. Speaking of which, there was no actual combat to speak of in the two minutes, so it looks like we will have to wait for the 30-minute special on Spike TV to see that.
With all of that being said, Bioshock: Infinite has me really excited to play it. Ken Levine is one of the best at designing an environment that really draws you into the whole experience. I'm also really curious to see how the relationship between Booker and Elizabeth will play out, seeing how the two of them will enjoy silly moments along with the hardships of escaping Columbia. 
The E3 demo will be shown in its entirety on July 7 on Spike TV.