Spike VGA's 2011: Deadmau5 Accidentally Loses His PS Vita

Um, oops. (UPDATE: or not.)

Amongst the highlights from last night's Spike Video Game Awards 2011 was Deadmau5.  The popular mouse-headed DJ had plenty to do on the stage, mixing up tunes during commercial breaks and making his presence felt.  But he made even bigger headlines after the show when he lost something quite vital in the backseat of a taxicab -- his PlayStation Vita.




The popular DJ, who was working with Sony on the upcoming game Sound Shapes, apparently received a developmental model of the forthcoming handheld, which is coming to stores next February.  He had it on him during the awards event, but somehow misplaced it after taking a cab ride well into the heart of Los Angeles following the live telecast.

And of course, he took his grief to Twitter.  ""Fuck! I left my PSP Vita in a fuckin' cab, calling cab company and they say they have like 500 dispatched now. Gunna be a long night... :("

His comments continued well into the night, explaining how he was trying to reach out to the cab company several times to find it.  Sadly, in his case, it looks like it's long gone.  But someone out there has apparently gotten very lucky and snagged their very own PS Vita.

Word of advice, folks.  If you've got a developmental model system on you, KEEP IT CLOSE.  We keep hearing these stories about how folks lose iPhone models in bars and, now, the PlayStation Vita.  Personally, that thing would never leave my side.  I wouldn't even pull it out to play it during commercial breaks.  Well, OK, maybe during the Black Baron segment.  But I would've put it right back!

(UPDATE as of 6:52 PM MDT: apparently, Deadmau5 was pulling our leg.  He in fact did NOT lose his PS Vita, and was merely testing the waters to see how management would react.  Real funny, dude.  When's Sound Shapes come out again?)