Spinning Its Web: The Top Five Best Spider-Man Games

We pick our favorite adventures featuring the dynamic wall crawler.

With The Amazing Spider-Man set to hit Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in a matter of weeks, Activision will be introducing the best of both worlds when it comes to the web slinger’s gaming adventures.  On the one hand, the development team at Beenox is handling the game, and you already know about the work they did on Shattered Dimensions and Edge of Time.  On the other, they’re going with the open level design that worked so well in previous Spider-Man games before that.  You can’t lose.

While we prepare our hands-on preview for that (coming in a couple of weeks), we’ve compiled a list of our five favorite Spider-Man games of all time.  Now, we did have to count some games out, including Marvel vs. Capcom 3, since that wasn’t specifically a Spider-Man game.  And, sadly, we counted both Spider-Man: Web of Fire and the Atari 2600 Green Goblin game out because, as rare as they are, they just aren’t great gaming experiences.  So, with that, let’s count down our favorites.  We’ll start with some…

Honorable Mentions

Several Spider-Man games just missed the cut from landing in our top five list.  Spider-Man: Edge of Time, despite a lack of outdoor environments, is a strongly written entry that deserves proper mention.  Maximum Carnage, Acclaim’s two-player beat-em-up that let Spidey hang tough with Venom, is pretty good stuff for Sega Genesis and Super NES.  Spider-Man also fared quite well in the pinball world, between Stern Pinball’s movie trilogy-based table and Zen Studios’ entry in the Marvel Pinball compilation, which is pretty sweet.  And who could forget the Sega Genesis favorite The Amazing Spider-Man vs. the Kingpin, a challenging game where you could sneak a few photos of baddies as you’re fighting them?  The Sega CD version was even better, complete with an interesting theme song by Mr. Big’s Eric Martin.  All of these games are good in their own right…and worth hunting down.

Now then, onto the top five!