The Summer Doldrums Are Finally Coming to an End

Deus Ex officially kicks off a period of great games coming out this year
The summer is the season that everyone looks forward to... except gamers. Summertime has a reputation of being the worst time to be a gamer, as little to no quality games come out during this 90-day period. The main conception is that everyone will be spending a lot of their time on vacation, whether at the beach or perhaps in another part of the world. Luckily, that period of time is coming to an end as plenty of quality games are coming out, starting with Deus Ex: Human Revolution.
I spent my summer just like many people do - going to the beach whenever possible, enjoying the nice weather, and going out for a beer or maybe even a cocktail if I was in the mood. The past few months were filled with plenty of hot, sunny days and also plenty of thunderstorms rolled in the area. 
Despite my many ventures going out with friends and enjoying the summer while it lasts, I also had plenty of time to play some video games. But there was one problem - there really weren't any this summer. Sure, you had Shadows of the Damned late in June, Catherine in July, and a few titles such as Bastion in the Summer of Arcade, but not much else. So I wound up stockpiling up on older games much like people stockpiled on food and supplies during the Y2K scare.
It was great to be able to catch up on games that I missed, but I still had this feeling nagging at me the entire time. Is this severe lack of games during the summer really necessary? I do like having time to take a breather of having big game after big game being released each week so that I can catch up to the industry's pace. Yet, it's hard to look at the calendar and realize that the next game to start getting hyped about won't be coming out for a few months.
The timing of summer does pose a big problem, it's too far away from the holiday, both before and after. October to about March is a great time to release a game because you're either releasing your game in time for people to buy it for the holidays or having people buy it with gift money. Kids are still in school and people aren't in vacation during the spring, so people still will dedicate plenty of time to gaming as they won't really be going too far from their PCs or consoles.
The summer is conceived to be the season where everyone spends most or all of their time away from consoles. Plus, there aren't any holidays to give reason to buy games for one's self or another as a gift. I'd say that the summer is a great time to come out with a few quality titles.