Twisted Metal Review (PlayStation 3)

David Jaffe and company return with another bout of road rage that you shouldn’t miss.

However, not everything is perfect in multiplayer.  We noticed a few disconnection problems during matches, which Jaffe has spoken out against since the game’s launch.  Updates should be available soon, so don’t worry, everything will be running back up to speed.  For the most part, though, from surfing through the lobbies for potential targets to getting on the battlefield, the Twisted Metal multiplayer is finally optimized the way it should be – and not sold separately on a disc, I might add.

Oh, and one quick note – grab the Limited Edition of this game.  You’ll snag a free download code for Twisted Metal Black on the PlayStation Network.  And even for being several years old, it’s surprisingly fresh, and a fun flashback to gaming’s older days.  Hey, it beats being offered a copy of Twisted Metal: Small Brawl.  Yech.

Twisted Metal’s visuals are outstanding.  There’s all sorts of gloominess here through each of the arenas, from a neighborhood being ripped apart to an amusement park where costumed freaks and attendees are running for their lives, but to no avail as you pound right into them.  The bloodshed and explosions are plentiful, and the destruction you can cause is unheard of.  During one run, we drove right through three houses, creating all sorts of madness and yet coming through with barely a knick on the vehicle.  Now that’s how you do it right.  The live-action sequences kind of look out of place, but not enough to throw you off from the experience.

The music is equally impressive, with plenty of hard rock tracks that will keep you shooting.  And though the voicework isn’t always quite perfect, these guys do fit the roles of their drivers, so we don’t mind that much, honestly.

Twisted Metal is back, and I couldn’t be happier.  It’s almost as if David Jaffe and his (former) team at Eat.Sleep.Play saved the best for the latest edition, and though we don’t know what the future holds for this long-running series, we’re happy to see that it’s still on all four wheels.  That is, when it’s not getting rocked by a mech.  Or a missile.