XP 2011: Call of Duty Elite Premium Membership Explained, Detailed and Priced

Activision reveals all at first annual fan festival

A lot of folks aren’t there aren’t too crazy about subscription plans or season passes, but to be honest, game companies set them up to try and save people a little cash.  The Call of Duty Elite Premium Membership is no exception, and Activision broke down what to expect from the service, and how it complements Modern Warfare 3 with exclusive content.




Call of Duty Elite, first off, comes with Facebook integration, so you can automatically look through your friend list and see who’s playing online.  We’re not sure if you can post successes in the game, but we’re guessing that some sort of notification system is in the works.

The Premium Membership will also come with the following…

All DLC content, including the four announced packs, and possibly more down the line

Monthly content drops.  No longer will you be limited to just waiting for map packs every two to three months.  Instead, you’ll have fresh content each month, including new weapons and other goodies.

Daily competitions and tournaments.  Activision will host a series of Modern Warfare 3 tourneys on a daily basis, not only giving virtual rewards to people, but offering physical prizes as well, including iPads and possibly even a Jeep.  (Hopefully one of those Modern Warfare Jeeps, eh?)

The ability to level up with your specific clans.  You can choose your groups and power up together accordingly, becoming an even bigger force to be reckoned with online.

More video capacity for replays.  Those of you who like showing off will no doubt enjoy expanded video services, being able to save more match details and show off how good you are via YouTube.

Expert analysis and strategy from players.  Even if you suck, there’s a reason to invest in the Premium Membership, as experts will be on hand to check out your performance and provide a few tips on how to stay alive.  (Step one would probably be STOP WALKING OUT IN THE OPEN AGAINST SNIPERS.)

Elite TV.  This is probably the biggest part of the package.  It contains content being worked on by a list of Hollywood talent, including Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Ridley Scott and Tony Scott.  Among this talent is a reality TV style show featuring real life combatants against other types of players in Friday Night Fights, as well as a smack talk comedy style of show called Noob Tube.  No doubt Arnett will take part in this one to some capacity.

Activision will be offering this plan for $49.99 annually, and you can also get a year of it free by picking up the Hardened Edition of the game when it releases November 8.  Oh yeah, don’t forget you can play Elite as well.  That’s always good.