E10+ - Everyone 10+


I’m all for an aggressive NASCAR game.  Sure, the realism based ones are okay, but you have to be in the proper mood to go around hundreds of laps without feeding the urge to ram Tony Stewart into the wall.  So it made me happy to play NASCAR Unleashed on the 360 last month, with its simplistic arcade nature and its numerous options.  When I heard there was a version available for Nintendo 3DS, I was curious to see how it fared, imagining car parts flying at the screen in 3D and all sorts of havoc ensuing.  Well, I got the havoc part right, but not in the way I wanted.


Sony has become known as of late to release a series of high-definition collections for the PlayStation 3, including a pair of God of War games and the Sly Cooper games, as well as Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.  Well, chalk up three more PS2 favorites that are coming to the system this February, as the company has officially announced that Jak and Daxter Collection is on the way.


As dedicated as Nintendo (and Shigeru Miyamoto) are to the Legend of Zelda franchise, there are those moments that occasionally divide fans.  When Twilight Princess came out for GameCube and Wii, some embraced the old-school tactics, while others were a little torn.  And then, of course, there’s Wind Waker, with its deep gameplay overlooked by the change-up to cel-shaded graphics.  But say what you will about changes in dynamics, the Zelda series has always been about enthralling adventure.  And the latest release in the series, Skyward Sword, is all about that.


In this day and age, it's nice to have some extra goodies to pass around in the game industry, whether it's a collectible figure with an Uncharted 3: Collector's Edition, a Modern Warfare 3 Hardened Edition (c'mon, you want it) or a Gears of War 3 Marcus Fenix statue.  But sometimes the hardware itself takes precedence, especially if it's a limited edition design.  And lucky Nintendo fans will be getting that in Europe come November 25th.


Around ten years ago or so, Fox McCloud and his ragtag team of StarFox pilots put a hurt on Andross' grasp of the universe with the amazing StarFox 64, one of the most memorable games for the Nintendo 64.  Since that time, the game has seen a re-release on the Virtual Console service for the Wii, and now it arrives on the Nintendo 3DS under a new coat of third dimensional polish.  But is this game all looks, or does it fly high in the gameplay department as well?

Summer is coming to an in just a few weeks, taking the beach days and the hot weather along with it. You can look at it as a bad thing as that means everyone goes back to school. However, a lot of people look forward to the change in season because that means it's football season, and there's no better way to kick the season off with Madden NFL 12. This year, there aren't many new features to speak of because EA Sports decided to put more emphasis on improving the gameplay overall. After getting the chance to play it at several events, the improvement can certainly be noticed.
The NFL ended its lockout last week, ensuring that there will be more football for at least the next 10 years, and people couldn't have been happier. However, the NBA is also in a lockout, leaving only football and hockey as the only two major sports during the colder seasons. So it can be said that now would be a really good time for NHL 12 to pick up some steam and give basketball games a nasty cross check. With an improved engine that allows for bigger and better hits, NHL 12 just may have what it takes to be the dominant sport game this winter season.
When it comes to aggressive racing that leads into outrageous crashes, the Burnout series continues to be the best out there on the market. However, Criterion Games is taking a short break from all of that to focus on a spin-off of the series called Burnout Crash!. The game takes the series's Crash mode and builds an entire game around it, with a few changes being added in. After getting the chance to play it at a recent preview event, it actually feels a little more like a pinball game than the Crash mode we've seen in other games.

Bastion is, in a word, incredible. It takes the standard Action RPG formula and adds enough quirks and style to make it feel completely different. It shows the incredible potential of downloadable games as rich and rewarding game experiences in their own right. 


Sometimes it's okay to give up. As much as television encourages us to never falter in the face of adversity, fighting on with all our strength, that's a bit unrealistic. There are battles you can win if you do your best, and there are battles where it's better to cut your losses and move on. In many ways, it feels as though Sega is facing the latter when it comes to courting fans of the original Sonic games.



It took nearly two decades of waiting for Nintendo to make a new Kid Icarus title. As a fan of the original, I was particularly excited to run Pit through his Kid Icarus: Uprising paces. The E3 2011 3DS Single Player demo allowed the choice of three separate chapters ranging from easy to hard. I chose the hardest chapter, planting me somewhere in the middle of the game, and was whisked to a weapon select screen. The choices ranged from Pit's classic bow and arrow, to a cannon, a sword, claws, and several other options. After a short story cutscene, the timed demo began.