BlizzCon 2011


ANAHEIM -- After the Costume Contest at BlizzCon, comedian Jay Mohr kept the hits coming with the Intel Dance Contest. 31 competitors took the stage with a lot of interesting (and sometimes embarrasing) interpretations of various dances like the Goblin. With names like orc, troll and dwarf, you know this is a BlizzCon dance contest. Check out Mohr introducing the winners with highlights of each winner's dances after the break.


ANAHEIM -- Blizzard held the popular NVIDIA Costume Contest on the main stage at BlzzCon. There were a lot of cool costumes but Avery Faith and her Starcraft II Adjutant costume took the big prize. Comedian Jay Mohn congratulated Faith on her amazing costume as well as the two runner-ups. Christopher White took second place with his Paladin with Ashbringer costume and Justin Floyd took third place with his Deathwing costume. Check out the video of the winners being revealed by Jay Mohr on stage in the video after the break.


ANAHEIM -- The Foo Fighters put a loud and vibrant conclusion to this year's version of Blizzard's annual fanfest BlizzCon last night. World of Warcraft fans were certainly rewarded with the new "Mists of Pandaria" expansion reveal. We caught up with Lead Quest Designer Dave Kosak to give is an exclusive preview of  what we can expect in the new expansion pack in this video interview after the break.


ANAHEIM -- Blizzard kicked off it's annual Blizzcon fan lovefest in sunny Southern California on Friday showing a lot of Diablo 3 as well as Starcraft 2 and World of Warcraft. We caught up with Diablo 3 Lead Technical Artist Julian Love to tell us what Blizzard was showing off at Blizzcon as well as tell us more about some of the new classes in this preview video interview after the break.


Some of us AREN'T at Blizzcon.  Sad to say.  Every year, Blizzard hosts the mega-event and always seems to blow the doors off of every other MMORPG out there.  (Granted, World of Warcraft did that already.)  And with the opening of the event today, the company has already made a killer announcement that's bound to shake up the community -- you're getting some free stuff.