Comic-Con 2010

One of the big games of 2011 is getting custom controllers from Mad Catz Interactive. Epic Games has extended its licensing agreement with the accessories company to include Gears of War 3. Under the terms of the agreement, Mad Catz has secured global rights to produce and market a range of officially branded specialty controllers, headphones and peripherals for Microsoft's Xbox 360. The products will launch this fall in tandem with the game’s release. Epic Games Design Director Cliff Bleszinski talks about the new game in this exclusive video interview.
With the buzz building for Marc Webb’s new Spider-Man reboot starring Andrew Garfield, Activision Publishing is moving forward with new Spider-Man games. The publisher announced that wholly owned development studio Beenox has been named the primary developer on upcoming Activision titles featuring Marvel’s famous web-slinger, Spider-Man.  Beenox’s most recent breakout success was with Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions, one of the most highly rated Spider-Man titles to date and Wizard Magazine’s 2010 Game of the Year.
Electronic Arts will release a special Limited Edition version of The Sims Medieval in March 2011. This version of the PC and Mac game will feature exclusive content that will grant players access to three all-new, themed throne rooms with Barbarian, Dark Magic and Princess themes. Limited Edition owners will also get two exclusive outfit sets, the Monarch set featuring a royally decked out king and queen and the Executioner set, complete with a leather apron and an intimidating black hood. Electronic Arts talks about this new game in this exclusive video interview.
The digital world of TRON is re-born this month in both the TRON: Evolution video game and Walt Disney Pictures’ TRON: Legacy.  Disney Interactive Studios has launched TRON: Evolution in North America. TRON: Evolution takes place between the original TRON film from 1982 and the highly anticipated 3D film TRON: Legacy, which will be released in theaters on December 17, 2010.
Sony Computer Entertainment has sold over 4.1 million PlayStation Move controllers for PlayStation 3 in its first two months worldwide. The number not only shows clear success of the launch of the new motion sensing controller but also indicates positive momentum going in to the holiday season and to the year 2011. Consumers are showing an interest in motion sensor gaming across all consoles as Wii and Kinect for Xbox 360 also are showing strong sales. Check out this exclusive video interview with Sports Champions, an exclusive PlayStation Move game.
DISNEYLAND – The man behind some of the most innovative role-playing adventures in gaming, including Deus Ex, System Shock and Thief, has been working to bring Mickey Mouse back to gamers after a 17 year hiatus. Spector’s studio, Junction Point, has been working with Disney Interactive Studios for the past four years to bring Disney Epic Mickey to life. The general manager and creative director of Junction Point was on hand at Disneyland recently to talk about his labor of love.
“Dancing with the Stars” Kyle Massey will be trading in his dancing shoes for a digital paint brush when the highly anticipated Disney Epic Mickey launches on November 30th for Wii. Massey will serve as the special celebrity cashier at the festivities taking place at the new Disney Store in Times Square. Junction Point game creator Warren Spector talks about the new Wii game in this exclusive video interview.
With Universal Studios Home Entertainment gearing up for the launch of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World on Blu-ray and DVD, Ubisoft is joining the bandwagon. The game publisher is offering new downloadable content for its Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game. The new content will be available on PlayStation Network for PlayStation3 and Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 coinciding with the film’s Blu-ray and DVD release on November 9th. Check out this exclusive video interview with Ellen Wong, who plays Knives Chau in the movie.
The out-for-revenge, action-driven MACHETE is ready to serve up some justice with guns blazing and bloody blades slicing. On January 4, 2011 keep an eye out for MACHETE on Blu-ray and DVD courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. The sharpest way to see it is on Blu-ray, with killer deleted scenes that deliver more guns, more girls and more Machete action! Director Robert Rodriguez and the cast of the movie hang in a lowrider at Comic-Con to talk about the new action movie.
Sony Computer Entertainment America has shipped over one million units of PlayStation Move in North and Latin America in the first 30 days of availability. By fusing high-definition gaming with accurate and easy-to-use controls, the PlayStation Move allows gamers of all ages and genres to enjoy everything from family to action to first person shooter games. By incorporating the PlayStation Eye camera with PlayStation Move, the user's full range of motion is captured, resulting in ultimate control over game play, as well as the opportunity to project the player's image into select games for new augmented reality experiences.
Film and TV star Olivia Wilde and the actor who portrayed the original TRON character, Bruce Boxleitner, will headline the voice cast for the upcoming video game, TRON: Evolution, in addition to appearing in the highly anticipated December film, TRON: Legacy. The Hollywood voice cast will star in the upcoming TRON: Evolution video games that bridge the storyline gap between the original TRON film and the upcoming TRON: Legacy film. Wilde, who plays Quorra, Kevin Flynn’s confidant in the TRON: Legacy film, will also star as that character in the TRON: Evolution video games.
Walt Disney Studios is counting down the 10 weeks to the December 17 theatrical release of TRON: Legacy, one of the biggest 3D movies that’s not named AVATAR. Every week for the next 10 weeks marks a major milestone in the countdown as The Walt Disney Company rolls out exciting new TRON events, film content, products and announcements in preparation for the worldwide film launch. Check out this exclusive video interview with the men behind the new TRON movie.
Pulling a page out of James Cameron's AVATAR marketing play book, Walt Disney Pictures will offer fans a free 20-minute look at its December 17 3D spectacle, TRON: Legacy. Dubbed "TRON NIght: An IMAX 3D Experience," this free preview will occur on October 28 and give audiences worldwide the first opportunity to step onto the Grid and into the cutting-edge, 3D world of the high-tech adventure. Sponsored by ASUS Computer International, select IMAX 3D theaters nationwide and 3D & IMAX 3D theaters internationally will offer a special screening of thrilling, never-before-seen 3D footage. 

Microsoft has pushed back the release of Epic Games' third installment of Gears of War until Fall 2011. The Xbpox 360 game was originally given an April 5 release date by Epic Games’ design director Cliff Bleszinski. This new launch date will give some breathing room between Epic’s other big shooter, Bulletstorm, which is currently still on track for a February 22, 2011 release from Electronic Arts for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Cliff Bleszinski talks about Gears of War 3 in this exclusive video interview.