NAB 2012


LAS VEGAS -- The NAB Show is in full gear and one of the big announcements here at the show is the new Canon Cinema EOS 4K cameras, the EOS 1D C and the EOS C500. The EOS 1D C in particular tries to continue Canon's dominance in HDSLR filmmaking, a category it kickstarted back in 2008 with its revolutionary EOS 5D Mark II camera. The EOS 1D C, a modified, video-centric version of its EOS 1D X top of the line SLR, adds 4K (4096 x 3072) resolution 24p frames per second video capture to its repertoire while offering one of the industry's best low light sensitivity sensors that can shoot up to an unheard of 25,400 ISO in video more. And who else to show off the camera and what it can do but award winning cinematographer Shane Hurlbut whose been at the forefront of the HDSLR filmmaking revolution and actually shot a majority of a major motion picture, Act of Valor, with 5D Mark II cameras. Hurlbut's new short film The Ticket was screened at Canon's NAB exclusive screening to show off what can be done with the new EOS 1D X. We caught up with Mr. Hurlbut to get his thoughts and also got a hands-on first look at the new camera.