Tokyo Game Show 2011


The Tokyo Game Show is still happening overseas this week, with plenty of new projects being revealed and some tantalizing information being shown off for previously announced games.  Buried somewhere in this news is the revival of Team Andromeda, the folks that produced the Panzer Dragoon games for Sega.  Most of the team has reformed and is working on a new project that definitely has the Dragoon flavor behind it, but there's  a catch -- this time you're playing with Kinect motion controls.


2012 is shaping up to be a big year for the folks at Tecmo Koei.  Along with the return of Ryu Hayabusa in Ninja Gaiden III, the company has announced another franchise that will receive a sequel next year -- the ongoing fighting series Dead Or Alive.  The fifth chapter in this series, aptly named Dead Or Alive 5, will bring plenty of 3-D brawling chaos -- and, of course, plenty of jiggling boobs.


One of the must watch companies at this year's Tokyo Game Show is Square Enix, who've begun teasing one of their reveals for the event. The game is listed as a "Brand New Title Of Hell" and even has a little mini game to go along with it. Read on for a link to the site and more info about it.


One of the big improvements the PS Vita is getting over the PSP, in addition to the improved feature set and graphics capabilities, is a second thumbstick. Well, it sounds like Nintendo's rather fond of this idea, too, as they're adding a second thumbstick to the 3DS. The source comes in the form of a Japanese magazine scan, and is likely the hardware reveal Nintendo is prepping to announce before Tokyo Game Show. Read on to get your first look at it!


The Tokyo Game Show is building a good amount of energy, set to come our way in less than two weeks.  All the big guns will be showcasing their latest and greatest gaming products, including Nintendo, who have already planned a pre-TGS conference to highlight something regarding the Nintendo 3DS.  But if you can't attend in person, don't worry -- there's still a way to view it.


It's hard to not be curious about Beyond the Labyrinth. Even with in-game cutscenes it's almost impossible to figure out just what it is. It's gorgeous, both visually and audibly, but beyond that is anyone's guess. The game's new trailer, viewable below, doesn't tell us much new. It feature's a young girl, and implies that the game is told through a first-person camera view. Ultimately, though, the trailer raises more questions than answers.


NeverDead, Konami's upcoming third-person shooter, has a new trailer as we come ever closer to this year's Tokyo Game Show. The trailer features some new cinematic footage, scenes of an entire city falling to ruin, and some of the game's colossal bosses. Better yet, the Japanese voice acting in the trailer is almost as impressive as the destruction. Read on to see the new trailer.


Tokyo Game Show, which is best described as the Japanese equivalent of E3, is a big yearly event for video games, specifically of the Japanese variety. By extension, it's a big event for Square Enix. According to this week's Dengeki PlayStation, Testuya Nomura touched on what people could expect from the company at this year's TGS.


In a recent interview with Japanese magazine Famitsu, Tetsuya Nomura, character designer and creator of the Kingdom Hearts games, talked about the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3D, as well as what else to expect in Kingdom Hearts' future. Those interested in knowing where the series is headed, read on.